Tendam Endorses the District 65 Referendum


“We are lucky in Evanston to have some of the best public schools in the country. Parents from around the Chicagoland area move to Evanston so that their children have a chance to receive the education our schools offer.

We can’t afford to lose the programs that make these schools exemplary. If this initiative doesn’t pass, our most vulnerable students will be the most at risk. These children are our future: they will be our neighbors, they will be Evanston employees, and they will raise their families here.

My volunteers and I are fully committed to fighting for the referendum at every door we knock, because a vote for this referendum is a vote for Evanston’s future.”

For more information on the referendum, visit the Save Evanston Schools website. Literature, buttons, and other materials are also available at the Tendam for Mayor campaign headquarters, located at 1030 Davis St. 


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