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Original post: April 10, 2017

My Fellow Evanstonians:

A short while ago, I called Steve Hagerty to congratulate him on his win and to offer my support to him and to the entire incoming City Council.

I know there is a temptation to look for some larger meaning in the closeness of the outcome of this race—I am unaware of any mayoral election in Evanston’s history being decided by less than a percentage point, and the voters turned out in record numbers. But I would prefer for us to focus on another race that was run last Tuesday—one that was decided in a landslide: the District 65 Referendum. As Evanstonians, we came together over that issue to send a message: whatever else divides us, we are united in our support for the values that bind our community together. I believe that a community that can do that can and will unify to reduce homelessness and food insecurity in our city. A community that can do that can and will come together to build greater trust and transparency between the public and the police. A community that wants to give every child the same chance to succeed can and will work together to stamp out inequity wherever and however it rears its ugly head in our town. I have known Steve Hagerty for 15 years, and I believe that he is committed to dealing with these issues. I am committed to helping him in that work and I hope that everyone in Evanston will make that same commitment.

In closing I would like to deliver some very heart-felt thanks. First, to the hundreds of volunteers from every ward in this city who knocked on doors, made phone calls, and provided whatever they could in the way of financial support; to the Evanston residents who, unprompted, wrote statements of support for my candidacy and posted them on the internet. I will always remember the man who gave me $5 because he said it was all he had to spare but he wanted to help me win, the little boy whose parents brought him into the office so that he could meet me and get a sign for his yard, and the 8th Ward family who drove to my house this past Saturday night to deliver a handwritten note of support—thank you all for letting me know that you believed in what our campaign stood for.

Second, to Eliana Chavkin and Stephanie Mendoza, two of the smartest and hardest working campaign managers that anyone could hope to have, thank you for your wisdom, your heart and your instincts. What these two young women were able to achieve with a minimal budget and a mostly volunteer work force is nothing short of phenomenal. We would never have come as close as we did in the end without them.
To my Campaign Chairs Neal Stamell and Josh Chernoff, campaign treasurer Trimmy Stamelll, editor Julie Singer Chernoff, Facebook guru, Nina Kavin, and coffee chair, Bonnie Wilson. Thank you for believing in me but more importantly, thank you for being my friends. I will cherish my memories of working with you on this race for the rest of my life.

To the Evanston Firefighters Association, Equality Illinois, Debora Shore, the Daily Northwestern Editorial Board and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky—thank you for your endorsements. Receiving your support in this race was one of the highlights of my career in public service.

To my husband Neal Moglin, thank you for voting for me twenty-seven years ago and for supporting me in everything I have ever wanted to do since then.

And finally, to the people of Evanston, I want you to know that it has been an honor to serve you for the past eight years on your city council. Thank you for giving me that chance and for being good neighbors for the past 22 years.



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